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​Nemanja Matic £40million joins to Manchester United


From the British "Guardian" news, buy fifa 17 coins Manchester United and Chelsea on the transfer of Mahdi's agreement reached, Serbia's midfielder will be 40 million pounds to join the Red Devils, he will get 155,000 pounds in the new owner of the weekly salary. This week, Matic will accept the Manchester United arrangements for the physical examination, the transfer may also be officially announced this week.
In the past season, Matic in Chelsea is not the main midfielder, he often and Cesc Fabregas rotation appearance, although the mary is still playing when the year, but Conti asked Chelsea to buy Bakayoko, and this Pen transactions close to completion, Monaco midfielder will join Chelsea. In this case, Chelsea have Kande, Bakayoko, Cesc Fabregas and Matic four midfielder, the competition to white-hot, taking into account the defense attributes of Matic and Kant, Bakayoko coincides The Serbs had to seek to leave the team.
Mourinho is Marthy's Bole, after the Serbian in January 2014 to return to Stamford Bridge, this transaction is done in the hands of Mourinho. According to the analysis of the British media, Mourinho hope that Matic can replace the old Carrick, plus the two have had cooperation, Marthy to Mourinho system is not a problem.
Manchester United will be very likely this week announced the news of the addition of mate, the variable is that Mourinho's father died, he needs to be funeral in the Portuguese, so the official time of the deal may also be postponed. But the British "Guardian" revealed that Matic will follow Manchester United to participate in the preseason, cheap fifa 17 coins July 9, the Serbian will follow the team to the United States.
Mahdi joined Manchester United's transfer fee to 40 million pounds, the price is fair, after all, the Serbian is the top midfielder of the Premiership, his weekly salary in Manchester United reached 15.5 million pounds, which will let Marty I am contented with satisfaction.
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