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How to lower cholesterol?


I have a lipid chart of 250, which is 100 over the 150 mark. so its pretty bad, im 23 and overweight, I have started eating healthy but i notice im eating more too now. I find my self going back to the kitchen more, today I had chicken and broccolli low fat alreado with wheat pasta for lunch, then I ate several snacks throught the day including a sunbutter sandwich, for dinner i had 2 cups of brussel sprouts, a red potato and some chix. I had a weight watchers ice cream bar, fresh pineapple, and then i was starving again, so i ate a turkey and romaine sandwich on fiber wheat bread. I since had another peice of fruit. Im a big dude, not really fat but overweight, I eat alot as usual but now i notice that I get full quicker but i eat more and dont know if its a bad thing.
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One word... CHEERIOS
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Continue to eat healthy and walk 30 min a day
but in a month or so
if your cholesterol is still high
see a doctor

also drink 8 glass of water a day [ water is a blood thinner ]
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I suppose anything is possible … remeber  1) "everything in moderation" and "eat  a balanced  diet?" youhavent been doing as well as in the  past…  "telling you"  is not as good  at  educating you
so I'm  posting some  very informative links  The  AHA has  many more  pages  Just about cholesterol.. so read and save and re read  again!! learn  if  try to figure out  WHY  you lost touch …:)

From  the American Heart Association Cholesterol pages

Total Cholesterol Level                             Category  
Less than 200 mg/dL       Good !! Desirable level that puts you at lower risk for coronary heart disease.

200 to 239 mg/dL        Borderline high     A cholesterol level of 200 mg/dL or higher raises your risk.

240 mg/dL and above High blood cholesterol.  
A person with this level has more than twice the risk of coronary heart disease as someone whose cholesterol is below 200 mg/dL.
The problem  is  you need  to figure out what  your Cholesterol is  HDL vs. LDL  and Tryglycerides…In Most folks  cases the LDL(Bad)  will be too high , and  HdL  (Good)  way too low and teh tryglicerides high….though I think  if  your  Typically eating  the sorts of things  you mentioned YOUr  Good  might be  better and you may be surprised The  whole subject is far  from simple, so most doctors  will prescribe  medications  for  older  folks and  tell  young  folks to  eat better…hoping you will straighten it out… One  very serious thing  that  you need to seriously  grasp is that Oats will cleanse your blood…plain wheat bread is better then white  certainly, a Few  companies have  Whole grain Oatmeal bread which is  lower sodium and  just  nearly as much better  then wheat  as wheat is over white…tastes better too   American  cheese   is horrendous,  Swiss is Better you'll  be  looking at  little things like this for Cholesterol  care and  "weight  management" …  Realize that BMI in  many cases is  NOT  realistic  100% of the time. One  thing you can look to for  help as a guideline  Is  the Dash Or Mediterainian Diet… I  seriously  think,  That  a look at  your  broken down numbers, some  Eduaction  for you  on these  AHA  Pages  below,   Oatmeal !! if  youuse  like a instant  add some  Oatmeal granola with Natural  fruits and berries,   seriously   try  to each  oatmeal several days a week…  if your  a big shellfish eater shell fish  and tryglicerides (for ME )   mine goes HIGH …try  skimmed milk/ 1%/ 2% << Not whole, You  should limit  your  Soda/ energy drinks and  try to get  8   8 ounce glasses  of  water which  should help  dilute  the goop  :)  I  have  faith, if you actually  are  eating ^ those things   add some of these  and you'll be totally  normal  quite soon… Sweet potatos Yams,  Carrots  (Carotene) also  have  Great affect on cleaning  and  Giving you nutrients you need
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      what  cooking oil  do you use???  Look up typse of  oils IT matters too!
Oatmeal  (add stuff to like Fruit N berries , oatmeal Granola  or  make your own
Light Milk instead of Fat milk ,   lower  soda , energy, drinks  for  Flavored water or  water water, natural juices..
Orange  Veggies and  green veggies  Major  good   apples  bananas Oranges  etc  salads  (toss in some chicken turky  ham,  bacon bits,  pepperoni  whatever  HB  eggs   be  careful with  Gravies and  sauces as "good" as they are they are NOT good  they are  FATS !!     and  Look for  DASH Diet  Books in the library or on line  bookstore….  The Broccolli is  Huge too   dude awesome stuff  you should  consider some  sorta  multi vitamin a day too…

Try  To avoid anything  that means  you end up  being forced to take  medication  to lower  Cholesterol  for  40  or more  years.. FRESH  is always better then  processed  figuring out  if  you have a dietary trigger.. ( Me = shrimp and  lobster are favorites =  ^   try to read all the pages  on the AHA  site about  Cholesterol,
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- eat a lot of fresh fruit,vegetables,beans and whole grains.
-avoid fatty food.
- regular exercise
- eat more fibers
-loose weight
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