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Best Open Source Medical and Healthcare Software


Medical and healthcare software are software, software item or system used within a medical and healthcare context.

Here is a list of free and open-source software packages and applications for use in the healthcare industry.

Epi Info

Project page:

Epi Info is public domain statistical software for epidemiology developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

Epi Info has been in existence for over 20 years and is currently available for Microsoft Windows. The program allows for electronic survey creation, data entry, and analysis. Within the analysis module, analytic routines include t-tests, ANOVA, nonparametric statistics, cross tabulations and stratification with estimates of odds ratios, risk ratios, and risk differences, logistic regression (conditional and unconditional), survival analysis (Kaplan Meier and Cox proportional hazard), and analysis of complex survey data. The software is in the public domain, free, and can be downloaded from Limited support is available.


Project page:

The Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) is a free software available through the Eclipse Foundation. Originally developed by IBM Research, STEM is a framework and development tool designed to help scientists create and use spatial and temporal models of infectious disease. STEM uses a component software architecture based on the OSGi standard. The Eclipse Equinox platform is a reference implementation of that standard. By using a component software architecture, all of the components or elements required for a disease model, including the code and the data are available as software building blocks that can be independently exchanged, extended, reused, or replaced. These building blocks or plug-ins are called eclipse "plug-ins" or "extensions". STEM plug-ins contain denominator data for administrative regions of interest. The regions are indexed by standard (ISO3166) codes.

Open Dental

Project page:

Open Dental, previously known as Free Dental, is a Practice Management Software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is written in the C# programming language compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework and was first released in 2003. Current versions of the software require Microsoft Windows. Earlier versions of the software had supported other operating systems, but Linux support has been dropped. The full function version is only available under the commercial license because it includes royalty bearing, licensed materials from the American Dental Association (ADA), the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT).


Project page:

GNUmed is a Free/Libre electronic medical record (EMR) for Unix-like systems (BSD, GNU/Linux, and UNIX systems), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms. GNUmed aims to provide medical software that respects the privacy of patients and that is based on open standards.
GNUmed is based on third party projects such as free software/open source DBMS PostgreSQL and is written mostly in Python. It is supported by a graphical user interface (GUI) based on WxPython.

GNU Health

Project page:

GNU Health is a Free Health and Hospital Information System that provides the following functionality:
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Hospital Information System (HIS)
Health Information System
It is designed to be multi-platform, so it can be installed in different operating systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MS Windows) and different database management systems (PostgreSQL). It's written in Python and using Tryton framework.


Project page:

OpenEMR is a Free and Open Source electronic health records and medical practice management application that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other platforms. OpenEMR is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certified and is one of the most popular open source electronic medical records in use today. OpenEMR is supported by a strong community of volunteers and professionals all with the common goal of making OpenEMR a superior alternative to its proprietary counterparts. The OpenEMR community is dedicated to guarding OpenEMR's status as a free, open source software solution for medical practices and is dedicated to maintaining a spirit of openness, kindness and cooperation. - See more at:


Project page:

OpenMRS is a collaborative open source project to develop software to support the delivery of health care in developing countries. It grew out of the critical need to scale up the treatment of HIV in Africa but from the start was conceived as a general purpose electronic medical record system that could support the full range of medical treatments.

The software is licensed under the "OpenMRS Public License", based on the Mozilla Public License. It requires that recipients are entitled to freely access the source code, but allows binary distribution, modification of the code (under the same license) and bundling into larger products that are under different licenses.


Project page:

openEHR is a virtual community working on interoperability and computability in e-health. Its main focus is electronic patient records (EHRs) and systems.

The openEHR Foundation has published a set of specifications defining a health information reference model, a language for building 'clinical models', or archetypes, which are separate from the software, and a query language. The architecture is designed to make use of external health terminologies, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC and ICDx. Components and systems conforming to openEHR are 'open' in terms of data (they obey the published openEHR XML Schemas), models (they are driven by archetypes, written in the published ADL formalism) and APIs. They share the key openEHR innovation of adaptability, due to the archetypes being external to the software, and significant parts of the software being machine-derived from the archetypes.

The essential outcome is systems and tools for computing with health information at a semantic level, thus enabling true analytic functions like decision support, and research querying.


Project page:

FreeMED is an opensource electronic medical record system based on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (commonly referred to as LAMP or LAMPS).

FreeMED is mainly written in PHP, and makes heavy use of SQL, favoring the MySQL database engine. It also uses some bash, Perl, and small pieces written in other languages. Its interface is primarily web-based, but web services interfaces, such as XML-RPC, are also available.

If you know any other free medical software let us know here. Please provide details and screenshots if applicable. Also, let us know your experiences working with some of these software.
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