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How to delete a certificate on kaspersky?


If your Kaspersky antivirus software has got you stuck into any sort of technical issue such as with the installation uninstalling reinstalling or any other such issue then for help and support connect with the team of technicians who are well trained.

For deleting a certificate on Kaspersky, press win +R on the keyboard in order to open the run dialog box then in the dialog box enter “%app data%” further click on the “ok” button this will open the “ App data folder” for you there double click on the “kaspersky folder” further double click on the “data folder” and then “cert folder” in order to open the Kaspersky certificates then search for the certificate that is to be deleted and select the name then click on the delete button given on the home tab. If you are still in need of help then connect with the experts for that visit at
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