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​Wenger goes to French personally may consult with Mbappé


Offer £ 87.5 million after the purchase of Mbapi was rejected, Arsenal did not give up. "Daily Mail" found Wenger and gunmen CEO appeared on Monday in France Nice airport, they are ready to 110 million pounds once again offer Mbapi.
Wenger personally went to France to catch the interview with the CEO of Mbapier
Last week, fifa coins the French authority of the "team newspaper" disclosed Arsenal offer 100 million euros (87.5 million pounds) to buy Monaco Red Star Muba Pei, the news is eye-popping, after all, the gunmen have been and 100 million stick on the edge of the fans As if to see the false Wenger. But this time the professor is a real thing, he and the gunman CEO Ghazidi flew to Nice, France, "Daily Mail" and "Telegraph" called him this is to buy Mbapei went.
It is said that the gunmen will send a £ 110 million offer higher than the previous 22.5 million. After helping Monaco to win the French champions, Mbapei's worth all the way bullish, Manchester United, Manchester City and Real Madrid and other local tyrants are eyeing him, the gunmen face fierce competition. Mbapi said he will make a decision in the next 10 days, fifa 17 coins he is currently preparing for the French team and Paraguay, Sweden and England game.
Ironically, last summer, Arsenal had been in contact with Mbape and his family, and Mbape's contract had expired, and the gunman could have signed him for £ 230,000. The gunmen want to use the good relationship with the Mbapei family to persuade him to join, and other commitment to his main center position, and Real Madrid can not make such a commitment. If you join Real Madrid, and BBC in the competition, Mbapi may have to be squeezed to the wing.
Wenger renewed for two years, Gazidz made it clear that they are going to compete for Premier League champions next season, and uncharacteristically season just finished preparing for generous signings. To know that the gunmen in previous years of signings are thunder and rain is small, it is crazy to procrastinate, a lot of transfer are dragged to the end of the summer window, and many players "lost locker room." New contract new weather, if you can win the fight for European tyranny won the Mbapi, gunmen and Wenger will really make people admire.
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